Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shock It To Me - Forthcoming Book

Coming up early next year (March or April) will be a book on the horror hosts and horror Shock Theater-type programming of the San Francisco area. Titled SHOCK IT TO ME, The Featured Creatures of Bay Area TV, and written by Michael Monahan (Doktor Goulfinger), the book promises to contain a wealth of information, exquisitely researched, on the following hosts:

Terrence (Jr. and Sr.)
The Cool Ghoul
Bob Wilkins
The Ghoul (syndicated)
Tom B. Stone
John Stanley
Son of Svengoolie
Creepy KOFY Movie Time (with No Name and Balrok)
Ms. Monster

... and unhosted shows and later entries like Commander USA and Elvira.

Previously unpublished photos and rare ads will serve as visual treats and the kindling of memories, even if you don't have them! The book will be published in conjunction with AMERICAN SCARY, a book version of the documentary that Michael was involved with.

We wish Michael the best on these projects and very much look forward to reading his books.

And here are a couple of ad mats from the Ghoulfinger Archives, courtesy of Michael:

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Anonymous said...

really cool! Looking forward to it! Really great idea!