Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"The daddy of all full-length features is here to scare you! That's FRANKENSTEIN on Shock on this channel! Here is raw horror-- a story that has shocked generations! Don't miss Boris Karloff in this spine-chiller!"

Friday night's viewing for all SHOCK! fans will be FRANKENSTEIN, the landmark 1931 James Whale film starring Boris Karloff and Colin Clive, with assistance from Dwight Frye. You can watch the film whenever you want, of course, or just revive your memory (proving that it's alive!) for the Saturday posting by Creeping Bride. Commentary afterward encouraged.


Mirek said...

That trailer reminds me that a future post should deal with the popular Realart re-releases of the Universal horror catalog, which occurred before the SHOCK! phenomenon and may have influenced SHOCK!.

kochillt said...

The screen tells me 'This video is private.'