Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sammy Terry - Horror Host

I'm not a particular fan of horror hosts. Being a horror host does not just involved getting dressed up in some Halloween outfit and getting stupid. They are some, like Vampira and Zacherley, who are legendary and rightfully so, but there's a dozen or more who lack the supremely necessary ingredient--chilling spookiness--to make it as eerie hosts of horror films. In fooling around with Google searching, I came across the above clip of Sammy Terry (sounds like "cemetery")--real name Robert Carter, and I was immediately impressed. The guy is certainly spooky and has an impressive voice and presence. Reminds me a bit of a stockier Jack Palance.

Carter started as a voice-over horror host for Shock Theater programming in the Indianapolis area, and then came out of the grave as Sammy Terry to host, in person, NIGHTMARE THEATER during the 1960s and 70s, and even beyond. Sammy Terry still makes personal appearances, though he's had to cancel recent appearances due to illness. (Carter was born in 1929.)

Sammy Terry has a website. A Wikipedia entry will tell you more about Sammy's Robert Carter.

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kochillt said...

Sammy Terry died June 2013 at age 83.